Version 6.01 Minor Update v2.0

  Line Design, Release Notes

New Features

◇ Tension and Sag

● Tension to Sag Table

▸ There is now the ability to create a tension table for Tension to Sag tension mode for all span tensions

● Target of Violation

▸ There is now a visual display in the 3D view indicating where a clearance violation occurs when testing for span to span violations

◇ Security and Compatibility

● Support of FIPS

▸ O-Calc has updated its cryptography libraries to support running Windows with FIPS

● Shapefile Export

▸ Line Design Data can now be exported in Shapefile Format for added support of GIS software


◇ 3D view

● Multipole Display in Line Design

▸ Defect: When in a Multipole Structure is inactive in Line Design, it could display attached spans and Lattice Structures at an incorrect height. Multipole Structures should now always show spans and Lattice Structures drawn at the correct height, whether active or not.

● Incorrect Create Context Menu

▸ Defect: When attempting to create certain elements using the context menu, the wrong edit element would appear. This has been corrected and the correct element should appear when using context menus

Spacing Filter Not Persisting

▸ Defect: When changing active poles, the spacing filter would not maintain the selected value, limiting the usefulness of this filter. This has been corrected and the selected line spacing should persist as the active pole is changed.

● MCU Flags Not Updating

▸ Defect: When a pole was recalculated, the MCU indicator at the base of the pole would not update unless the active pole was changed. This has been corrected and the indicator should always reflect the latest calculation value.

◇ Loading Calculations

● Additional Buckling Load from Pole Damage

▸ Defect: Occasionally, when pole damage was added to a pole, an increase in vertical pole capacity utilization larger than expected would occur. This should be corrected and pole damage should not cause excessive vertical capacity utilization.

● Analysis Report Column Addition Error

▸ Defect: Occasionally, the individual component loads would appear lower than actual calculated values and would not match the total component load when added up. All Individual component loads in the report will now show correct values and sum of values will match total component load.

◇ Other

● Remove Multiple Poles

▸ Defect: When using the remove pole operation, multiple poles could be selected for removal which resulted in accidental deletion of poles. This has been corrected so that only 1 pole may be selected and a prompt will appear to confirm deletion.