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O-Calc Pro 7.0 Release Notes

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Release Date: July 12, 2023

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About Release Notes

This document is intended to present a summary of changes in O-Calc Pro 7.0 since the previously released version of O-Calc Pro 6.02. It identifies new features and functions in O-Calc Pro version 7.0 as well as changes to existing features and functions. It alerts users to changes that may alter the use of the product and may require particular attention or specific actions.

For details about changed features and functions, users are referred to the O-Calc Pro User Guide within the Help menu and other documentation available at our O-Calc Pro Wiki and YouTube sites.

New/Updated Features

  1. Updated –Camera Lens Calibration File list of camera lens calibration files has been updated.
    • Go to Tools > Misc. > Download Items > Download Camera and CVT Definitions
  2. Updated –USGS Elevation Provider URL users once again have access to the site which was previously blocked for a short time.
    • Go to Line Design > Edit > Set Elevations > Configure Elevation Provider > USGS > OK
  3. New -Advanced Reposition Options allow users additional move command controls.
    • These tools give users more control over where poles are moved. You can now specify moving by distance instead of lat/long, and help to keep poles tangent using these options:
      • Snap Poles to Tangent Line
      • Snap Poles to Arbitrary Line
      • Reposition Pole Along Tangent Line
    • Go to Line Design > Poles > Edit > Advanced Reposition Options to use these new tools.
  4. Updated -Add Catalog text boxes for the Catalog Path and State Path have now been set to Read Only.
    • The user must first supply a valid file location for the Catalog Path, then the State Path will auto-populate.
    • Go to Tools > Catalog Maintenance > Configure Catalogs > Add Catalog
  5. New -Error Loading Catalog message. The workflow has been updated to make this process more user-friendly.
    • A helpful message now displays when an O-Calc Pro Catalog is unable to load.
    • Previously, a pink screen appeared at the unloaded Catalog location, but with no explanation of the issue.
    • This new message now provides clarity and instructions to the user to remedy the catalog loading issue and resulting pink screen.
  6. Updated -Import Image Data allows users to continue importing even if there is an error and set the number of allowable errors on import.
    • Import Image Data now provides additional information reports on image data import errors.
  7. Updated -Remove All Pole Attachments is relabeled from the previous name Strip Poles.
    • Even when using the removing all attachments feature, users are still given the option to choose which items to remove or keep.
    • Go to Line Design > Tools > Other Tools > Remove All Pole Attachments
  8. Updated –Terminate Line from Current Pole is relabeled from the previous name Make New Dead-End Pole.
    • The term make new dead-end pole, was perceived to be misleading.
    • The new name more closely aligns with the expectation of the functionality, which is to end the spans at the newly added pole.
  9. New -Empty insulators are now removed feature. When deleting an entire line or entire circuit in Line Design the insulators are removed.
    • Using a right-click action on any linked conductor in the Inventory or 3D View, select the Delete option to use this new feature.
  10. Updated -Bulk Pole Edits are now automatically refreshed the 3D View.
    • Additionally, when viewing the displayed items to edit in bulk, the text height was previously cut-off and not fulling displaying the height of each character. Each character now fully displays.
    • Go to Tools > Misc > Bulk Owner Edit or Bulk Description Operations
  11. Updated -Absolute Horiz. Offset (in) attribute is relabeled from the previous name Horizontal Offset (in).
    • The previous name created confusion within the Data Entry attributes because two attributes had the same name Horizontal Offset but performed different operations.
    • The new name Absolute Horiz. Offset more closely aligns with the functionality, which is to allow unconstrained horizontal movement away from an object.
  12. Updated -Clipboard Capture GPS plugin has had its name changed to Update GPS location. All the original functionality remains the same.

New Plugins

  1. Quick Access plugin offers users a quick access panel, with buttons for common tasks. Buttons on display in the Quick Access panel are customizable.
    • To use this plugin, go to Options > Hotkey Configuration > click on the Hotkeys tab to view. Edit as desired, then check the box in the Quick Access column to add buttons.
  2. Insulator Tools plugin allows users to right click any insulator in the Inventory or 3D View and select the Set Insulator Capacities option.
    • In the Edit window enter the insulator capacity values for: Tension (lb); Cantilever (lb); Horizontal (lb) and view the results in a report (more on the report below).
  3. Pole Catalog Creator plugin allows the user to Create poles catalogues from CSV files, create template CSV files, and save existing poles catalogs to CSV files.
    • To use this plugin, go to Tools > Catalog Maintenance > Pole Catalog Creator. Select one of the three options under this menu to perform the desired function.
  4. Bill of Materials plugin allows users to configure a bill of materials (BOM) which can be applied for a pole model.
    • To use this plugin, go to Tools > Bill of Materials > select one of the two options:
      • Create Bill of Materials Sheet – use this option to create the bill of materials sheet.
      • Configure BOM – use this option to configure your BOM by selecting the catalog to apply the BOM to and the compatibility units to be applied to it.
  5. Whole Inventory Edit plugin offers the ability to edit all the items in the Inventory for a selected pole.
    • To use this plugin, go to Edit > Whole Inventory Edit, a new Inventory Edit Form window opens. Easily edit any attributes within the form.
  6. Allowable Strut Load for Sidewalk Struts plugin allows users to enter a table of allowable strut loads as a function of both strut diameter and strut length. There is no menu selection for this plugin.
    • This plugin is activated when an O-Calc Pro Note is applied to the GuyBrace object on a pole. The User creates the values within the note based on required standards. The plugin automatically fills in the value for the Allowable Strut Load (lbs) attribute in the Data Entry Panel. If the strut on the guy brace is insufficient, O-Calc will flag the strut red in the inventory and 3D View to warn the user.

New Reports

  1. Analysis Report for the Active leg of a Multipole Structure this report gives the detailed loading information for the ‘active’ leg.
    • To view the Analysis Report for the ‘active’ leg of a Multipole Structure, select the Analysis Report (or GO 95 Analysis Report). View the report for a different leg of a multipole structure by switching the ‘active’ leg (right click on the pole and select the Set as Active Version option) within the Inventory.
  2. Insulator Summary Report shows the results for the insulator capacities that were set using the Insulator Tools plugin. Once the pole load analysis has been run, these results can be viewed within the Insulator Summary Report.
    • The report highlights in red any load over the capacity limit by taking into account the applied Insulator Strength Factors (SFs) which can be set on the Load Case by right clicking and selecting Set Insulator SFs option.

Defect Corrections

  1. Fixed token support that was inadvertently removed for some analysis tables.
  2. Fixed error when adding image to a pole when the Image is no longer found in the target folder.
  3. Fixed issues with Split spans and insert pole not properly inserting new pole and causing error.
  4. Fixed a refresh issue where merging crossarms with certain equipment would not show up in the 3D view or Inventory after applying the merge operation.
  5. Fixed an issue which would allow users to open multiple image selection windows when trying to add images to a pole.
  6. Fixed error message to be more informative when a user attempts to preview a CSV in Line Design that is open elsewhere.
  7. Fixed an issue where uncalculated poles would be lost if lassoed and unloaded without first running calculations.
  8. Removed the non-working, center on address menu option from Line Design.
  9. Fixed issue which would prevent Line Design Map from displaying if the map height filter value is set beyond expected values.
  10. Fixed an issue that would occur if users set the max height filter above 70ft.
  11. Fixed a display issue where the selected pole indicator would appear in the wrong location after merging two poles.
  12. Fixed an error that would occur if a user selected move pole and then cancelled the operation.
  13. Fixed Calibration error that occurred if users used the missing target technique when calibrating the CVT missing point when calibrating an image.
  14. Fixed the Edit Pole ID When Created menu option to correctly rename the pole as prompted and populate the name as expected.
  15. Fixed Labels in Bulk Set Owner/Description operation windows to display fully.
  16. Fixed an unresponsive issue when adding certain load cases from the catalog.
  17. Fixed images to display correctly in the Analysis Report regardless of the original orientation of the original image.
  18. Fixed the Span Bay Linking tool will no longer accidentally become unchecked by clicking the inside menu option.
  19. Fixed the Span Bay Linking Tool now refreshes the link arrows when changes are made to the Line Design (e.g., bulk pole edits).
  20. Changed a feature name from All Pole to All Poles when right clicking on an assembly in a catalog to set a Line Design Stringing Assembly.
  21. Fixed the display names of some plugins to be more intuitive.

Known Issues

Line Design – Split Span and Connect to Existing function is currently working but may require additional manual edits. Look to see the Split Span and Connect to Existing operation refined in a future patch release.