O-Calc Pro 7.0 Minor Update v103

  Line Design, Release Notes

O-Calc Pro Release Notes

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Release Date: October 23, 2023

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About Release Notes

This document is intended to present a summary of changes since the previously released version of O-Calc Pro (version It identifies new features and functions as well as changes to existing features and functions. It alerts users to changes that may alter the use of the product and may require particular attention or specific actions.

For details about changed features and functions, users are referred to the O-Calc Pro User Guide within the Help menu and other documentation available at our O-Calc Pro Wiki and YouTube sites.

New/Updated Features

  1. The existing EULA has been updated and users must accept the new agreement before continuing use of O-Calc
  2. Added Trident Master Catalog and Shakespeare Catalog to the downloads page.
    • Go to Tools > Catalog Maintenance > Configure Catalogs in the window click Download Catalogs to see the full list of catalogs available for download
  3. Added the ability to Remove Default Loadcase
    • This feature allows the user to remove a default loadcase from a pole type, so that no loadcase is automatically applied to the pole when it is first created
    • Go to Tools > Loadcase > Defaults to view and select which loadcases to remove as the default for a given pole type
  4. Added the Save Button to Catalog Window
    • The feature allows users to save changes to catalogs in the catalog window without restarting O-Calc
  5. Added the Logging Levels menu option.
    • Users can now adjust error logging verbosity when O-Calc encounters an error to give more or fewer details to the user when troubleshooting.
    • Tools > Misc > Logging Levels to adjust the amount of detail to be captured when an error occurs

Defect Corrections

  1. Fixed display errors in reports that occurred from unsupported fonts. Reports now use default font if selected note font is not supported by O-Calc.
  2. Removed Render 3D view in separate thread option. This rendering mode caused a fatal crash when Line Design was loaded and has been removed as an option.
  3. Fixed errors that could occur when drawing terrain in 3D view for Line Designs.
  4. Fixed an error that would cause calibration errors when switching DMT target types.
  5. Removed the TBD message box that was incorrectly displayed when using View Mesh in Line Design Tools.
  6. Fixed an issue that would cause Images attached to Pole Notes to not display in Line Design.
  7. Updated the batch report tool to notify the user if a pole included in the process has no Loadcase.
  8. Fixed an issue that would prevent Terrain Mesh from drawing.
  9. Fixed a typo in the O-Calc LE Collection Configuration plugin menu.
  10. Fixed a typo in the warning message box that pops up when unsupported DPI settings are set.
  11. Removed the ability to substitute a leg of a multipole structure with a segmented pole, segmented poles are not a supported pole type for multipole structure legs.

Known Issues

  • When creating a new line design through the Line Wizard feature, the Terminate Wizard Line checkbox is not respected. The line design is created, however spans may or may not extend past the final pole.